The Number 1 Trait of Every Successful Entrepreneur


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“Keep working hard, and I’ll upgrade your status from copycat to a part time entrepreneur, he had said.”

“And with that cash, I’ll buy your best performing business one day and get rid of you the next,” I reminded my friend for the 100th time.

My friend keeps making fun of my entrepreneurial journey.

I did not become an entrepreneur because I had any groundbreaking ideas that would have made the world a better place.

I admired what a colleague at the office was doing as a weekend photographer, and I told myself if he could, I can too. Only I have had to juggle that with school, a fulltime job, and writing.

But it’s been fun.

I remember how one of my first gigs came as a result of being forthright with my (lack of) experience.

“If only everyone were that honest with their skills and level of experience,” he had bemoaned. That was an invaluable lesson he shared with me.

Honestly, honesty works

My first ever photo session, I told the client I was only a beginner and that I was using his kids as guinea pigs. Lame joke, but he found it amusing.

He told me he didn’t hire me because I was the best out there. He said it was because of my honesty with his friend who had recommended me.

I was candid about how many people I had photographed.

Look, I don’t care what industry you operate in, there are a lot of dishonest folks out there.

A lot of people only pay lip service to some of these intangibles, and if you can strike a chord with a customer, especially one who has once fallen victim to a lie, they will love you dearly.

Guess who they would recommend to their friends?

How to apply honesty

Don’t overpromise

In an attempt to impress our customers, we risk falling victim to this cardinal sin. Set realistic expectations from the start and let them know what they are getting from you.



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