How You Can Turn an Unfulfilling Life Around

Two simple things that will put you in control of your life

Boateng Sekyere


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Can you list ten things you’re extremely unhappy about in your life?

For some people, the amount of money they are making, or aren’t making tops that list. They owe thousands in debt and interest.

For some others, extra weight, stress, and depression are the demons they confront daily.

A few others also have an unfulfilling career they hate, but can’t change. At the mention of things people hate but can’t change, a toxic relationship responds.

Let’s use this wicked scenario for a second. What if someone pointed a gun at you, asking you to mention five ways you can make twice as much money as you’re currently making? Would you give him any answers? I bet you would!

Replace making more money with losing the extra weight you have gained in the last six months. Or even with going out to meet more people and networking.

Or anything you want to change in your life. You can conjure some points to save your life, right? No one cares whether they are wrong and not feasible at face value.

So it’s safe to say we all need a gun-to-the-head moment to rouse us.

You do, I do, your cousin does too. You’d be an unstoppable force if you can do this on your own, trust me. That moment when you decide you have had enough, and you demand an immediate change to the status quo.

Welcome to the club. Hop aboard, buckle your seatbelt, and let’s take off.

I talk about some of these things because I have been there before.

A few years ago, I hated almost everything about my life. I wasn’t happy about my social life. I didn’t like my career trajectory. I resented the potbelly that was building up.

What happened?

I owned up to everything I found wrong about my life.

For example, realizing I wasn’t making enough money for the kind of lifestyle I wanted, I decided to start a photography business on the side. Okay, not every side hustle aims to make the world a better place at…



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