According to Darren Hardy, This One Move Will Determine the Success or Failure of Your Business

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Darren Hardy
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Darren recalls watching TV with some friends when a video suddenly came up on the screen. It was an ad offering interested persons the chance to sell water filtration systems door-to-door at retail prices.

He hopped on it, excited about the prospect of finally being in business.

But with his first day not going great, he started to question himself. He wondered whether he was good enough for the job. Full of fears but determined to move out of his dad’s garage, where he kept his inventory, he plowed along.

He eventually turned it into a $5 million business, all at the ripe old age of 18. He later went on to found the Success Media empire, which consists of the Success Magazine and The Success Training Network.

In his owns words, his life has been a living laboratory of trial, error, failure, and ultimately, success.

In an interview with Ken Coleman on the EntreLeadership podcast, Darren listed a lot of factors and skills one ought to master to become a successful entrepreneur. From his successes and those of other businesses he had seen, he identified some key traits.

Skills like sales, overcoming your fears, and an awareness of the task at hand featured prominently on that list.

But the biggest was building your team.

“Recruiting top talent is the difference between the success and failure of a business,” he said.

But to build a successful business, you need a team that can take you places. Your business requires people who can do the job and do it excellently. Finding and keeping good people to work with you can level the playing field.

Admittedly, recruiting people to join your team could be a hard job. Questions over the fit, character, and motivation need to be answered in detail.

Is it any surprise the long interview processes that characterize some recruitments?

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