5 Best Habits of the Most Magnetic People That You Can Copy

Learn them and attract the right people to your life

Boateng Sekyere
4 min readMar 17


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Are you a people magnet?

Many of us are not natural people magnets. And that’s okay. But allowing things to stay the same is wrong.

The people you attract will open doors for you, hold doors for you to walk in, and connect you to others. They’ll make life easier for you, at least the good folks among them.

And everywhere you look, people who are good at attracting people — call them people magnets — seem to enjoy many perks others can only dream about.

They get the best jobs and almost everyone wants to be friends with them. Yes, they have their flaws as humans too, but these magnetic people have an irresistible aura around them that almost everyone wants to get a sniff of.

The world needs more people like that and not the close-minded, judgmental, and selfish folks we often encounter.

These magnetic people challenge me to take my social game seriously. And when I get to study them, some habits stand out, like baby elephants in tight-fitting yellow pajamas.

I’ve distilled these habits into five points for you to learn — and adapt to suit your case.

Acting like they already know you

How do you behave around someone you already know? Okay, around a friend or relative? It may be unconscious, but you know you act differently around them, compared to a total stranger.

You feel comfortable around them. A warmth engulfs you. But magnetic people can approximate that feeling.

I’ve been to places where random strangers made me feel like I’ve known them all my life, never mind that I’d forgotten their names as soon as I heard them.

But their magnetic magic worked on me. That’s how it goes with these people magnets. They act like they already know you.

I’ll leave you to replay your most recent episode meeting with someone you already knew, say a long-lost pal. How did you treat each other? Try to treat new faces the same, and you’ll soon become a people magnet.



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